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The Canadian Airborne Forces Association (CAFA) / Association des Forces Aéroportées du Canada (AFAC)

Introduction to the Canadian Airborne Forces Association/Association des Forces Aéroportées du Canada


The Canadian Airborne Forces Association (CAFA)/Association des Forces Aéroportées du Canada was granted Letters Patent on the 11th of February 1982. Since then the Association has represented the serving and retired Canadian Forces Airborne community through the exercise of the following objectives:

  • to promote and improve the esprit-de-corps and general efficiency of its members;
  • to support the continuation of balanced general purpose Airborne Forces as part of Canada’s Armed Forces;
  • to react to hardship and need through the provision of gifts, grants, endowments and donations; and
  • to provide meaningful support to applicable Veterans’ Associations.


Membership in the Association shall be limited to persons interested in furthering the objectives of the Association and shall consist of anyone whose application for admission as a member has received the approval of the Board of Directors of the Association.

There are three categories of Association Membership; Regular Membership, Associate Membership and Honourary Membership.  Upon receipt by the Association of their full name, rank (if appropriate), current mailing address and dues in the amount decided by the Board of Directors, individuals will be granted Regular or Associate Membership. Those deserving of Honourary Membership shall be appointed by the Board of Directors.

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There are two types of members, members at large and members who belong to a Branch of the Association. Chartered Branches of CAFA are:

  • Branch 1 – Toronto, QORofC (open to all)
  • Branch 8 – Chilliwack, Bornewest with associated  DZVI on Vancouver Island
  • Branch 9 – Kingston, The King’s Towne Jumpers
  • Branch 10 – Sudbury
  • Branch 13 – Barrie, Huronia
  • Branch 15 – Quebec, the Guy D’Artois Memorial Branch
  • Branch 17 – USA, the MGen Robert T. Frederick Memorial Branch

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Activities and Benefits

Members of CAFA are able to participate in events and benefit from the services provided by the Association as follows:

  • Receive a copy of our annual magazine, the Maroon Beret. This fine publication brings news of our serving airborne community and the activities of our CAFA Branches and other Canadian/International Airborne Associations. Click here to see prior copies.
  • Benefit from our shared CAFA/ARAC (Airborne Regiment Association of Canada) bursary which sees $2000 annually awarded to a deserving serving airborne soldier or a family member of an association member. Click here for criteria and application process.
  • Be part of an organization that annually recognizes the most deserving serving Canadian Airborne soldier of the year through the competitive awarding of a trophy which was originally donated for this purpose by the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion Association. Click here for more information.
    Have the opportunity to visit the Canadian Army Advanced Warfare Centre in Trenton, now the home of our Spring Annual General Meetings. The school specializes in parachute, mountain, Arctic, Patrol Pathfinder and other unique skills training and it is a perfect place for us to gather annually to conduct the important business of the Association.
  • Have the opportunity to attend our annual St Michaels Day gathering in the Fall of each year.  Our new US Branch, Branch 17, organize a first class weekend there for the enjoyment of all CAFA members.

CAFA also has a Facebook page which can be accessed from this page. It has proven to be a popular place for jumpers young and old to reconnect and share exchanges and experiences.

Welcome to the Canadian Airborne Force Association/ Association des Forces Aéroportées du Canada. We hope that you enjoy our website. If you meet the membership criteria, and you are interested in joining, please feel free to complete an application form and send it along to our Membership Chair for processing.


The CAFA Executive and Board of Directors

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