Brothers in Arms – FSSF SITREP

SITREP 6 Sept. 2019

Welcome to our first SITREP (Situation Report)
Hoping to find everyone safe and sound here is what happened during the last couple weeks;

  1. Fund Raising for BIA-FSSF video series: Forgive me for not going to deep in all the details. I think it is enough to say that we have raised more than our initial objective, which will enable us to have a good start. We are extremely grateful to all our Sponsors for believing in the importance of this historical project. We will keep the Fund Raising going for now. It will allow us to have a little cushion for unexpected expenses that may occur or for traveling to meet local veterans if need be. Again, Thanks to all of you.
  2. Project development: The planning is going very well. We re linked up with a couple historians in the Venafro, Monte La Difensa area, who are eager to assist us with everything we need. All travelling arrangements are made and we are ready to deploy on the grounds.
  3. Here is the link to a “Special Episode” I wanted do to kind of link up the FSSF to my personal service experience and at the same time we are inviting everyone to join us in November when we will launch the first official episode of our series. Enjoy and please subscribe to our channel(it’s free) and tell your friends about it.
  4. A special Thank you to everyone from the FSSFA for your enthusiasm in supporting our project. We are planing an official unveiling of the FSSF painting I will create, at the Menton Day Reunion on Dec. 5th in Toronto, Canada.

Voilà. These are the latest news. Thanks for being Guardians of the Memory.



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