Canadian Army Advanced Warfare Centre Change of Command 13 June 2019

All members of CAFA are invited to attend the Change of Command ceremony of the Canadian Army Advanced Warfare Centre (CAAWC) from LCol Loïc Darras to LCol Aaron Luhning to be held on Thursday 13 June 2019, commencing 10 am at the Baker Island Community Centre, CFB Trenton (see map). RSVP by 31 May (very soon) to Ms Esther Cote as per the invitation for guaranteed seating. General parking in “Guest Parking”. Dress for CAFA members is maroon/Regt blazer (or business suit), AB/Regt tie, beret and medals. Unit displays commence at 9 am and guests are to be seated by 9:45 am. The CAAWC has been very supportive of CAFA and we should show our support to them.

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