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  • by Nicolas Posted July 19, 2019 7:37 am

    I’m French who lives in Normandy. I’m passionate about the story of the Airborne forces especially for those who fought in the area where I grew up and I lives, in Upper Normandy. In 1942, British paratroopers dropped on the Bruneval radiolocation. And for the D-Day, there was a stick of the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion (6th Airborne Division) that dropped in Octeville-sur-Mer airport, near Le Havre.
    I write articles about the local history to let known the story of the men who fought here. With my research, a memorial sign was raise to tribute the Rifleman Hugh D. McD. McIntyre who was KIA during the Bruneval raid. I make expositions during the battles anniversaries of my region also where I exposed my collection and my research.
    The dropping of Canadian paratroopers the 6 June 1944 in Le Havre is totally known locally. Despite there were two killed in action. I make research about this parachute stick and I write you if you can help for that and make known their action. In the future, I hope there will be a memorial to tribute the only D-Day allied victims killed in action in Le Havre for the 6 June 1944. Le Havre was liberated in September 1944.
    Here, the numbers, ranks and names of the Canadians who were dropped in Le Havre:

    Lieutenant COTE Marcel (POW)
    B/56428 Pte KENDRY W.H. (POW)
    B/57361 L/Sgt BREEN John G. (POW)
    G/24083 Cpl MILLER Harold S. (POW)
    B/131751 Pte MEAROW T.D. (POW)
    F/56432 Pte DUNPHY Clyde (POW)
    B/135431 Pte WADDELL Don (POW)
    C/94256 Pte COBURN John C. (KIA)
    D/106002 Pte DUMAS Jean B. (POW)
    B/26949 Pte WARWICK Mike (POW)
    M/104461 Pte SUMMERHAYS W.J. (POW)
    B/26879 Pte NIGH Joseph S. (KIA)

    Unit: HQ Coy, Mortar Section (No. 1 Section, 3″ Mortar Platoon)
    I’m looking for anything about them and their mission: reports, photos, careers, contact with families, enlistment, life in civilian. Can you help me? Do you have contacts who can?

    Best regards,
    Nicolas Bucourt

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