Original Airborne Coin Found

A call out to the airborne network.  A very nice lady in Alliston, Ontario reached out to us to let us know that she found an airborne coin in amongst the effects of her late mother.  While the husband of the mother did serve in the CF he was not airborne.  The daughter says the following:

“I can only tell you that it was in my mother’s things. She died but would have been 70 now. My parents were posted to valcartier at that time, then bagottville, Borden, my parents then went to st Hubert  (?) Then London. I don’t know if any of this is helpful. I can entrust you with the coin to hold onto for when/if you find the owner if you like.  Let me know. ..also may be relevant? My parents were friends with a snowbird pilot in bagottville. His name was Steve . that’s all I remember.”

The coin is from the 1100 series which would make it issued about 1976-1977 approximately.  I can tell you that the coin starts with 11_ _ but cannot mention the rest of the number because it is one of those numbers on the register which has no name of the recipient and therefore anyone could say it is theirs.  I can mention that typed on the blue card which came with the coin is the following ….  141 J. Doe.

So, we have a mystery.  We are looking for 141 J. Doe who is missing his coin.   The lady from Alliston very kindly sent me the coin which I have now.  I’d very much appreciate any help in getting this coin back to the original recipient or family.

If you would like to claim the coin, please contact:

Airborne Regiment Association of Canada
3 – 36 de Varennes, Gatineau  QC  J8T 0B6
Kitshop on the web:  www.joedrouin.com

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