Request for Photos from Joseph “Tiny” Morin

I  have created historical art work RE; Op Essay Montreal 1970. What I require for the finishing touch are pictures of the Bosses back in the day. This being Col. Rochester, RSM Robinson / RSM Dickie Buxton. and last but the best, CSM John CLEE. I have captured the D-Day mass drop 1969 in Edmonton. reference to Op Essay. Trudeau\’s “watch Me” quotes. etc etc. But the centre of this historical pic. is the above mentioned “fellow\’s” that had THE AIRBORNE jumping OR at least running 10 miles frequently,. Them were the days “GENTLEMEN” . Respectfully requested TINY/ jump course 68/430/ Sudbury On. 705-521-1861. IF you are interested in a copy for your files & history. I certainly will supply/ It WILL be 50 years in 2020. Hope to hear from you. TINY/ SPALL BLOCK / GRIESBACH BARRACKS/.  Email:

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