Roger Chabot’s D-Day Project – Update

Roger Chabot is undertaking another project – this time to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of D Day.  For details on the project and how you can support his efforts please click here.

To see the latest SITREP below:

SITREP 12 Oct. 2018

Hoping to find everyone safe and sound here is what happened during the last week;

1. Project development: The fourth Episode of BIA is now available on YouTube. Titled Brothers In Arms Episode 4 Le Mesnil.

3. Here is the link:

4. Since the 3CAD hasn’t given any signs that they are interested in the project. This week I have forwarded letters of introductions to various units who belonged to the original 3 CID and were part of the first wave on the morning of 6 June 1944 (QOR of Canada, Regiment de la Chaudière, North Shore Regiment NB, Canadian Scotts, Winnipeg Rifles, Regina Rifles, 1st Hussars, Fort Garry Horse). The aim is to inform them of the project and seek their support in financing the original painting of the beach landing. My intent would be that the original painting be displayed at each unit location for a year each and finally be donated to the Canadian War Museum, if they agree. Each participating Unit would also receive a copy of the painting for them to keep forever.

5. Lastly, The painting of Juno Landing is in progress, I as will be available in latter episodes of BIA.

Voilà. These are the latest News.


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