Roger Chabot’s D-Day Project – Update

Roger Chabot is undertaking another project – this time to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of D Day.  For details on the project and how you can support his efforts please click here.

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07 April 2019.

Good day Everyone,

As always, many things to report and to be grateful for. Here is what happened in the last few weeks:
1.   Fund Raising for D-Day video series Brothers In Arms (BIA): Our goal of $4000.00 to help me finish the work to complete this first season of BIA has been more than met. Once again many people inspired by this project came forward from everywhere in Canada to donate to the series. As of now we have gathered a little over 4700.00. As we are planing to produce a second season of BIA in the Fall, all the funds left in the account after June will be rolled into the production of this next season.
2. Project development: Episode 14 of BIA is now online. Titled “BIA Episode 14 Out of the Clouds ”. In this episode I am taking you into the making of the 1 Can Para painting and a quick look at how the giclées are made. hope you enjoy.
Here is the link for Episode 14:

3. The last couple weeks have been extremely busy with the production of giclées, drawing sketches for the certificates, designing the certificates, printing, designing a fine art paper print of the paintings and more.
4. This week on 11 April my friend Phil Tweedy and I will be visiting LtGen Richard Rohmer to interview him and incorporate his distinguished story in our series. Point to note. His aircraft is depicted in “The Liberators”. We will also be visiting another Veteran of 1 Can Para, mr Keith Witty, that same day.
5. After discussing with some of you the best course of action for the unveiling of the two paintings. I have decided that the Original Painting “Out of the Clouds” will be officially unveiled at the Siffleur Falls Ceremony. Bill Dickson will be in charge of organizing the event. I will still have a Larger size Giclées on canvas that I will bring with me in France, hoping to have it unveiled at the Memorial Pegasus. TBC.
6. The painting “The Liberators” will be unveiled on the Beach in front of Canada House, at 0812AM the morning of 6 June. The time the first wave of the QOR of C landed at JUNO. This will be a very emotional moment for me. I am still waiting for a confirmation from JUNO Beach Centre and VAC to find out if we can incorporate a viewing of the painting at the Centre. TBC
7. Lastly. FYI. As I mentioned earlier. My goal is to start a new commemorative project in the Fall. The subject: The Italian Campaign. The Units I wish to focus my attentions on for this project are the Royal 22e Regiment and the First Special Service Forces. We will build on the strength and experience acquired during the D-Day project and raise the bar to a higher level. Many contacts have been established already and we will be ready to GO straight after D-Day to carry on our mission as “Guardians of the Memory”.

As always, I am grateful for all the support I receive from you and all our sponsors across Canada and even the US. Thank you for following me in this extraordinary Great Adventure.

Kind regards, Stay Safe, Fair winds and Soft Landings everyone.



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