Roger Chabot’s D-Day Project – Update

Roger Chabot is undertaking another project – this time to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of D Day.  For details on the project and how you can support his efforts please click here.

To see the latest SITREP below:

15 February 2019.

Here is what happened since our last SITREP;

Before going ahead with the news, let me thank you for being part of this Great Adventure. 2018 has been a wonderful year for my projects and this I owe it to all those who believed in this cause and appreciate my work. As “Guardians of the Memory” our mission is to preserve our history and communicate it to the as much people as possible.
As we are getting closer to the D-Day Celebrations, I encourage you to tell your friends about the video series that you have helped create. The most popular episode is “Episode 7 Bernieres-sur-mer “ with almost 600 views!!! Wow! Our goal should be to reach at least 1000 views of each episodes before 6 June. If we share them on our FB pages or send the links to our contacts, friends and family, I am sure we can achieve this goal.

Now the News:

1. Fund Raising for D-Day video series Brothers In Arms (BIA):

Soon, I will launch a new promotion campaign in order to help me cover the expenses of the trip to unveil the paintings in France, (2-8 June). The two unveiling ceremonies will be filmed and put online on time to be viewed during the events in Canada. While I am there, my intent is to film a few more episodes of BIA that I didn’t have time to do last year. Like: The Merville Battery, The Battle of Breville / Chateau St-Côme, and more if I can.

2. Project development:

Episode 11 of BIA is now online. Titled “BIA Episode 11 1 Can Para, A coy ”. This episode was filmed on 20 October 2018. The group of reenactors, lead by Capt Terry Hunter and Mr. (Sgt) Matt Mitchell were extremely kind and generous to allow me to do a photoshoot. The pictures were used for the 1 Can Para painting; “Out of the Clouds”. Which I am happy to announce, is 99% completed.
The painting will be the object of the next episode of BIA.

Here is the link for Episode 11:

3. We are planing three Special Viewing of the two D-Day Paintings before the official unveiling in France. The first one on 12 April, at the “Airborne Lunch In” in Toronto, the following day at the Army Ball in Ottawa, and the last one at the CAFA Annual General Meeting, in May.

4. The two paintings will be reproduced in a Limited Edition on Canvas of 75 prints. The price for a print will be $120.00 plus shipping. They can be advanced ordered. The D-Day QOR Beach Landing title is: “The Liberators” and the 1 Can Para title is: “Out of the Clouds”. The size of the canvas prints will be 12 X 18 inches. They will be numbered and accompanied by a signed certificate/story card.

5. Each BIA Major Sponsors of $500 and more will be receiving a Special Edition canvas print of your choice. Those prints will be the same size as the L/E print but numbered from 1 to 10, which is the number of “Major Sponsors” so far. For those that have contributed $1000 and more, they will receive two prints, one of each. All the prints will be released in June.

Voila! This concludes this SITREP.

My friends, Guardians of the Memory, let me express my gratitude for your support throughout the completion of this historical project.

Kind regards, Stay Safe, Fair winds and Soft Landings everyone.


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